How to see passwords saved on Mac

How to see Safari passwords saved on Mac

How to see passwords saved on Mac

If you have previously saved the passwords of your websites in Safari (by clicking on the button Save password shown on the screen, immediately after pressing the button to log in), you can easily retrieve them directly from the browser settings.

How? I'll tell you right away. First, start up Safari by clicking on the icon in the shape of compass annessa there Dock bar (at the bottom of the screen), then press on the menu Safari located at the top left, on the menu bar, and then select the item Preference ... from the latter; alternatively, you can achieve the same result by pressing the key combination cmd +, sulla tastiera of the computer.

At this point, click on the tab Password, identified by an icon in the shape of keyI inserted the Password administration of the Mac (the one with which you usually log in) in the appropriate field and press the key Submit keypad to unlock the display of saved passwords. The game is practically done: click on website whose password you want to view, by selecting it from the proposed list, and you will be shown its access key in clear text.

Alternatively, you can see the passwords saved in Safari by taking advantage of the system keychain, which I'll tell you about in the next tutorial chapter.

How to see WiFi passwords saved on Mac

How to see passwords saved on Mac

Unlike what happens on other operating systems, macOS allows you to see the passwords of wireless networks in the clear without installing any external program: everything can be completed through Access portachiavi, a default utility accessible from the folder Other of Launchpad (the rocket icon located in the Dock bar).

If you have never heard of it, the system keychain it is nothing more than a protected area where passwords, certificates and Mac encryption keys are saved, and is accessible only after entering your personal password.

To use it, after starting Access portachiavi, click on the item System placed in the box Keychains, located on the left side of the screen, then on the item Password, attached to the box Category. Once this is done, identify the name of the Wi-Fi network from the list proposed in the right part of the window and double-click on it (or select it with a single click and press the button (I) at the top), to open the details window.

Note: if you are unable to find the item you are interested in, because there are so many saved items, click on the column Type to sort the results by access key type and focus on type results AirPort network password.

Once this is done, click on the tab Attributes, put the check mark next to the item Show the password and, when prompted, enter the administration password of the Mac to view the access key in clear text, in the immediately adjacent field.

If necessary, you can use the system keychain to view the passwords saved in Safari and other compatible programs: after starting the Keychain Access utility, this time click on the item Local elements of the riquadro Keychains and then on the voice Password of the riquadro Category. The access keys you are looking for are there: in particular, the passwords saved in Safari are identified by type Web Forms Password.

For more information on this and to know how to view passwords associated with wireless networks also on other operating systems, you can consult my guide on how to view Wi-Fi passwords.

How to delete saved passwords on Mac

How to see passwords saved on Mac

Pray che sei riuscito a see passwords saved on Mac, you have probably realized that many of them are no longer valid or belong to websites that you have unsubscribed from. To do a bit of order, therefore, you would like to get rid of these access keys, but you have not quite understood how to do it. Is that so? Then don't worry: I have every intention of helping you with this too. Delete passwords saved on Mac it's really a no-brainer, and soon I'll prove it to you!

If it is in your interest to get rid of one or more access keys associated with an Internet site, you can act directly from Safari: after starting the browser, click on the menu of the same name located at the top left and select the item Preference .... Then click on the tab Password, enter the administrative password of the Mac and identify, in the proposed list, the website for which you intend to delete the saved password.

Finally, click on the result of your interest and, to permanently delete it from the list, press the button twice Remove. So repeat the operation for all the other Internet sites you intend to get rid of and that's it.

How to see passwords saved on Mac

In an equally simple way, you can get rid of the passwords stored in the system keychain: to do this, launch the utility Access portachiavi and go to the most appropriate section for the password you want to delete, following the instructions I gave you previously; once you have identified the item you are interested in, right click on it, choose the option Eliminates [name you] from the menu that appears on the screen and, finally, presses the button Delete per confermare l'operazione.

How to see passwords saved on Mac

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