How to change WiFi password from the phone

Preliminary operation

How to change WiFi password from the phone

Be vuoi scoprire how to change wifi password from phone, the first step you need to take is to connect your smartphone to the wireless network you want to change the passkey for (if you haven't done so already, you can easily do this via the menu Settings> Wi-Fi).

Once the connection is established, you need to locate theIP address of the router, to be used later to access the relevant management panel (the one from which to change the access key). You can retrieve this information very easily, both from smartphones animated by the Android operating system and from iPhones.

How? I'll explain it to you right away. If yours is a phone Android, open the Settings of the operating system, by tapping on thegear which resides on the Home screen or in the drawer, then tap on the items Rete and Internet e Wi-Fi, presses the icon ofgear placed next to the network name you are connected to and tap the item Advanced, in order to view the connection information. The IP address of the router can be found under the entry Gateway. Note that depending on the version of Android on your phone, the names of the menu items you see on the screen may vary slightly.

If, on the other hand, yours is a iPhone, fai tap sull'icona delle Settings (the gear) residing on the Home screen or in the App Library of the device, go to the section Wi-Fiindividual wireless network name you are connected to and tap the button (I), located in its correspondence, to view detailed information about the network (including the IP of the router).

If you find it difficult to put into practice the information I have given you so far, or if you need additional information on how to find the IP address of the modem, take a look at the specific guide I have dedicated to the subject.

Be aware, however, that in most cases, the router address is or

How to change the WiFi password from the phone

How to change WiFi password from the phone

After following the steps I indicated in the previous chapter and identifying the IP address of the router, you are finally ready to change the Wi-Fi password.

To begin with, always remaining connected to the wireless network whose password you intend to change, start the browser you usually use to surf the Internet (eg. Google Chrome on Android, or Safari on iOS), enter theIP of the router you recovered earlier in the address barat the top and press the button Submit of the virtual keyboard.

If everything went well, you should find yourself in front of the login screen of the management panel of the router. Now, follow the instructions that appear on the screen to log in, which vary depending on the model of router in your possession and any customizations made previously.

For example, if it is the first time attempting to access the device, you may need to specify a username it's a Password, to be used for future logins; or, you may need to enter the default username / password combination for the router (usually admin / admin or admin / password). If not, you will be asked to enter the username and administration password specified above.

If you are having trouble logging into the router due to incorrect credentials, you can try to cope with it by following the steps outlined in my guide on how to see the modem password.

Unfortunately, starting from this step, it is not possible for me to provide you with specific indications for the exact model of router in your possession, as they vary greatly from device to device. What I can do, however, is to provide you with a series of generic steps to follow, easily adaptable to most routers on the market.

Once logged in, locate the button to call up the main menu of the router (which may show three horizontal lines, the symbol of a gear or that of two overlapping rhombuses, for example), press it and access settings relating to the management of Wi-Fi. Alternatively, if the interface does not automatically adapt to the size of your smartphone browser, locate the menu for WIFI network (usually located at the top, or to the left) and press on it.

After reaching the section relating to the management of wireless networks, locate the area dedicated to network in use and, subsequently, the field relating to network key current (which could also be inside a sub-section, named for example safety o Password). Finally, enter the new password to use inside the latter and tap the button for apply the changes, in order to save everything. Watch out if you have a router dual-band, you may need to change both the network key to 2.4GHz than that of the network a 5GHz.

As a practical example, I can show you the exact procedure to carry out on the router in my possession, a AVM Fritz! Box 7530: if you have it too, after entering the device management panel, tap the ☰ button at the top left, tap the item Wi-Fi located in the menu that appears, to expand the relevant section, then press on the item Safety and wait for the appropriate configuration page to be completely loaded.

If necessary, tap the tab Cryptography located at the top, locate the box WPA encryption and enter the new password, inside the field Wi-Fi network key. To finish, tap the button Apply, located at the bottom of the screen, for the changes to take effect.

How to change WiFi password from the phone

Furthermore, some manufacturers also provide dedicated apps for smartphones and tablets, through which you can quickly access the router, without the aid of the browser. The app dedicated to AVM home devices, for example, is called MyFRITZ! App and is available for Android (even for devices without Play Store) and for iOS / iPadOS.

After downloading and installing the app (just go to the appropriate page of the reference store of the device, press the button Installa / Ottieni and, if necessary, authenticate by face recognition, fingerprint, or password), start it, tap the button twice NEXT, by pressing the button Pronto and, if requested, provide the Permissions necessary for its operation, by answering in the affirmative to any proposed screens.

Now, wait a few moments for the app to locate the router you are connected to and tap on its name; if the app fails to find the network device automatically, touch the item Enter the address of the FRITZ! Box via the keyboard and manually enter theIP of the router, in the appropriate field.

At this point, I inserted the Password access to the router in the appropriate field and tap the button access, to make the association; if you need to enter one as well username, touches the voice instead log in with your username, which is located at the bottom.

If everything went well, within a few seconds, the router data should be loaded into the app; now, to easily access the management panel, touch the ☰ symbol located in the upper left corner of the app, select the item FRITZ! Box from the menu that appears and, when prompted, re-enter the Password of the router and press the button Log in, as an additional security confirmation.

Once you have logged in, you can proceed with the configuration of the network key by following the same instructions that I have given you previously, as the steps to be taken are almost identical.

Finally, if you have one of the modems provided by the most popular Internet providers, you can follow the steps that I have indicated in the thematic guides on my site: how to change the TIM Wi-Fi password, how to change the password of the Vodafone Station Wi- Fi, how to change the Infostrada Wi-Fi password, how to change the Fastweb Wi-Fi password and how to change the Linkem Wi-Fi password.

How to change WiFi password from the phone

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