How to recover Android WiFi password

WiFi Key Recovery

How to recover Android WiFi password

The easiest way to recover android WiFi password is to turn to an application such as WiFi Key Recovery which provides a list of wireless connections stored on Android and shows their access keys in clear text.

How to use? It is downloaded from the Play Store, starts and… stop! The names (SSID) and the password (psk) of all networks stored on the device.

By pressing on one of the networks in the list it is possible to copy the password to the clipboard (Copy password), share it via QR code (Show QR Code) or copy all the information concerning it to the clipboard (Copy all).

WiFi Connection Manager

How to recover Android WiFi password

If you are looking for a more elaborate solution than WiFi Key Recovery, try taking a look at WiFi Connection Manager. This application, also completely free, shows numerous technical details on the Wi-Fi networks active nearby and allows you to view the access keys of the connections stored on the device in clear text.

Its interface is divided into tabs: in the one called Scan find the list of all active wireless networks nearby with data such as the SSID, the degree of signal strength, the MAC address and the radio channel used; in that Spectrum find a graph with the status of the wireless networks active in the area, while in Network tools you can find some interesting tools such as ping, Whois, IP location detection and much more.

To view the password of the network you are connected to, select the network name from the card Scan; then "tap" on the voice Show password (root permissions needed) And that's it.

Manual search for passwords

How to recover Android WiFi password

Would you like to find out a little more how the password storage system works in Android? Then install a file manager like ES File Explorer and have fun opening the file in which the system keeps the access data for wireless connections.

The file you need to open is called wpa_supplicant.conf and is located in the folder / data / misc / wifi of your smartphone. To reach it, open ES File Explorer, press the ad icon hamburger placed at the top left and move up ON the function lever Root Explorer (at the bottom of the bar that appears on the side).

He then authorizes the application to acquire root rights, presses the ad icon again hamburger and use the sidebar to go to the path Device / data / misc / wifi. Once you arrive at your destination, open the file wpa_supplicant.conf, choose to view its contents with ES Note Editor and look for the voice ssid under the name of your Wi-Fi network: that is the access key to the network.

App to test Wi-Fi passwords

How to recover Android WiFi password

Would you like to find out the password of a Wi-Fi network that is not yet stored on your smartphone? I'm sorry, but if you're trying to find the key to someone else's network, I can't help you. Entering other people's Wi-Fi networks without permission is a serious violation of privacy and in some cases even a crime punishable by law.

Instead, I can tell you that there are applications, such as WiFi WPS WPA Tester and Router Keygen, which allow you to test the security of wireless networks by revealing if their passwords are easily identifiable by attackers.

These apps include the default passwords of some Internet providers and use some known cracking techniques to find out the passwords of wireless networks not yet stored on the smartphone. You can use them to find out if your Wi-Fi network needs a new password ... but not to try to "hack" other people's networks, please! I take no responsibility for it.

How to recover Android WiFi password

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