How to change BancoPosta password

How to change your Bancoposta password online

How to change BancoPosta password

You usually use the online banking services offered by Poste cittàne via your computer and you are looking for an easy way to change password Bancoposta, since you do not think the one used up to now is safer? Then this is the section of the tutorial that suits you best: the site made available by the post office, in fact, allows you to change the password in use within a couple of clicks.

So, to begin with, connected to the Poste cittàne website, click on the button Personal Area located in the upper right corner and indicates, in the module that is shown, the username and Password you have used so far to access the service.

Once this is done, click on yours name and surname located at the top right, select the item Profile from the menu that appears and click on the item Password and security, located on the next page. Almost there: tap on the icon in the shape of pencil Corresponding to the dicitura Password, enter yours Current Password in the appropriate field and enter the new Password, where required. When you are done, click on the button Save And that's it!

Note: for the new password to be accepted, it must be between and 16 characters, contain a capital letter, a tiny, an number and a special character (`˜! @ # $% ^ & * () _ - + = {} [] | :; ”'<>,. ? / are those allowed). Finally, the chosen password must not contain more than two consecutive identical characters (so a password that includes the sequence aa, but not the sequence aaa).

Forgot Password

How to change BancoPosta password

If, on the other hand, you need to change your BancoPosta account password because you no longer remember the old one, the procedure you need to follow changes slightly. Connected, therefore, to the Internet site of Poste cittàne, click on the item Personal Area located at the top, click on the link Forgot your password or yours username? and wait for the browser to open the reset page.

At this point, use the drop-down menu I have to recover to indicate forgotten information (in this case, my password), enter yours username and your tax code in the appropriate fields, put the check mark in the box I'm not a robot and, finally, press the button Send SMS: After a few moments, you should receive a text message, containing a temporary password, on the mobile number indicated during registration. Therefore, log in using that password and then change it following the procedure I explained earlier.

How to change the BancoPosta app password

How to change BancoPosta password

If, instead of the website, you usually use the BancoPosta app for smartphones and tablets and would like to change your password via the latter, things change slightly: the application, in fact, does not currently provide for the information modification functionality. personal, however you can complete the operation using the "integrated" browser, which can be called up with a little trick.

First, start the BancoPosta app and, when you reach the welcome screen, tap the link Forgot your credentials? to automatically open the browser on the right page; after that, tap the icon in the shape of little man placed at the top and indicates the username and Password that you usually use to access the service.

Once the next screen has loaded, tap on the symbol (I.e. placed in the box containing yours name last name, tap on the item Password and security and then on the symbol in the shape of pencil which should appear a little below; at this point, you just have to type the Current Password and new password twice, then confirm the change by pressing the button Save, located at the bottom of the page. Again, remember to respect the password strength rules that I indicated above.

At the end of the procedure, close the browser window (on Android, just touch the located at the top left), restart the BancoPosta app again, if necessary, and log in using the new password.

Forgot Password

How to change BancoPosta password

Do you no longer remember the password to access the BancoPosta app? No problem - even then, you can reset your password in no time. After starting the BancoPosta app, tap on the link Forgot your credentials? resident on the home screen, sets the drop-down menu I have to recover on the option my password, enter the requested information in the appropriate fields (username fiscal Code) and, finally, put the check mark next to the item I'm not a robot e premium pulsating Send SMS.

After a few minutes, you should receive a new password, which you can change at any time using the steps above.

Other methods for changing BancoPosta passwords

How to change BancoPosta password

Wait, are you telling me that, after having slavishly followed the steps I have indicated, you have not yet been able to change the BancoPosta password due to a series of unspecified errors? Don't throw in the towel, you can still fix the problem!

First, you can recover your password by contacting the call center of Poste cittàne, to the toll-free number 803160: the service is free and has been active since Monday to Saturday, from PM08:00  PM20:00. During the phone call, to ascertain your identity, you will need to provide the employee with the personal informations requests and yours fiscal Code: once the verification is complete, you will be sent an SMS containing a temporary password to the number indicated during registration, a password that you can change at the first access both via the Web and via the app, according to your needs.

If you were not able to solve the problem in this way, you may have had problems entering your personal data (for example, it is possible that the verification of the telephone number was not completed correctly): in this case, I suggest you go to the nearest post office bringing with you a identity card valid and the Tax ID code, and to expose your problem to the employee, who will certainly know how to help you.

How to change BancoPosta password

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