How to change Hotmail password

Change Hotmail password

How to change Hotmail password

If you need to change your Hotmail account password and can you remember the last access key you used to access the service, the first step you need to take is to connect to the website dedicated to Microsoft account management, by clicking here.

Successively click on your button Log into Microsoft located in the center and fill in the fields displayed, entering yours email address and Password associated with it, then presses the button again Log in.

Note that if you have activated the two-step verification on your account, you will also need to provide a method of validating your identity, i.e. you will need to receive a security code on the mobile number connected to your account or on your alternate email address.

How to change Hotmail password

If you first intend to change your account password to choose a new one, in this case it is assumed that you have full possession of all the tools you need to access the email service. Then, depending on the verification method you selected (SMS to [telephone number], Email to [email address], for example), check your e-mail box or your mobile phone and type, in the appropriate field on the screen on the Microsoft website, the code you received via email or SMS and then press on Verifica.

If, in the future, you want to avoid entering the code in question, every time you intend to make changes to the account from the seat in use, check the box Do not show this message on the device again.

Wait a few moments for the page relating to your account to load, then click on the item Safety which is at the top and, on the next screen, click the button Change Password. Then enter your account password again, for security reasons, and press Log in I will continue.

How to change Hotmail password

Once this is done, use the following text fields that are shown to you, to type the old password and the new password into the boxes Current passwordNew password e Confirm Password, then click the button Save at the bottom of the page to complete the change.

If you want, you can also check the box The password must be changed every 72 days to make sure that, once the specified period of time has elapsed, the chosen password expires, and that it must necessarily be changed with a new one. Easy, right?

Recover Hotmail account

How to change Hotmail password

If you need to recover your Hotmail account because you no longer remember the keyword associated with your account, the procedure you need to put into practice is another. In this case, the first step you need to take is to connect to the appropriate section of the Microsoft website which is dedicated to resetting your password, by clicking here.

Then type, in the text field that is shown to you, the email address of the account for which you want to make the recovery and press on NEXT. Now, based on the means in your possession and, depending on the information that you have previously associated with your Hotmail account, you must verify your identity. So I choose whether to receive an e-mail message with a code to reset the password to the secondary e-mail address (Email to [email address]), or whether to receive a verification code via SMS (SMS to [telephone number]).

So put the check mark next to the option you prefer, press on NEXT, type the beginning of the secondary email address or the end of your mobile number (depending on the recovery method you have chosen) and continue by clicking on Submit the code.

How to change Hotmail password

At this point, if you have chosen to receive the code to verify your identity by e-mail to the secondary email address, access the latter and open the message received from Microsoft to take note. If, on the other hand, you have chosen to receive the SMS, wait a few moments for Microsoft to send you the message containing the code to your mobile number.

You previously downloaded and configured the app Microsoft Authenticator on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet? You can use the latter to verify your identity in order to change your Hotmail password. To do this, simply select the option in question as the method for identity verification. Then enter the verification code that was sent to you on the Microsoft website and then click on the button NEXT. If two-step verification is enabled, you will need to perform identity verification a second time.

In case you already have a verification code, select the option I already have a code in the screen relating to the method for selecting the system for identity verification, type the code you have in the text field Code, click Forward.

Once this is done, type the new password that you intend to use for your Hotmail account in the fields New password e Confirm Password and click sul pulsating NEXT, to complete the procedure.

How to change Hotmail password

There is no way you can pass XNUMX-Step Verification, because you can't access either your alternate email address or your phone? Do not worry. Select the option Non ho alcuna di quete info in the menu for choosing the method of identity confirmation and click on the button Forward.

Do you have a recovery code for your account? If so, enter it in the field Code recovery that is shown to you on the screen and presses the button Use recovery code placed at the bottom.

If, on the other hand, you do not have a recovery code, press the button No and, in the new Web page that will be shown to you at this point, indicate an alternative e-mail address in the field below the item Where can we contact you? to allow Microsoft to contact you and verify your identity. Then go through the captcha by entering the codes displayed on the screen in the text field below; finally, presses the button NEXT placed at the bottom.

How to change Hotmail password

Now log in to your alternative e-mail account, open the message received from Microsoft and enter, in the text field that is shown on the screen, the identity verification code that was provided to you. Then click on Verifica and follow the instructions given to you to reset your password.

In fact, you will be asked to confirm your identity by answering some questions regarding the creation of your account. Additionally, in order to regain possession of your account, you may be required to respond to the Security Question, in case you have set it up.

How to change Hotmail password

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