How to save passwords on iPhone

ICloud Keychain

How to save passwords on iPhone

Without a shadow of a doubt, the simplest tool you have available for save password on iPhone and the ICloud Keychain: for your information, this is a service made available by Apple, which allows you to store on the cloud and synchronize the passwords of the accounts used, credit card numbers (but not PIN codes) on all your Apple devices, the passwords of the Wi-Fi networks to which you connect and various other information.

As it is easy to guess, the iCloud Keychain is inextricably linked to theApple ID configured on the device in question (be it an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac): this means, in practice, that the passwords saved in this way are also made available on all the other devices to which the Apple ID is associated .

Activating iCloud Keychain on iPhone is super easy: First, log in to Settings of the "iPhone by" touching the icon in the shape of agear located on the Home screen, tap on you don't know and then tap on the item iCloud. Then, press on the voice Keychainssposta su ON the lever located next to the item ICloud Keychain and press pulsating Continue in the box that appeared on the screen. If asked to do so, provide the Password of your Apple ID in the appropriate text field, tap on the item NEXT (top right) and that's it. From this moment on, you can use the service in question to save the passwords of your interest.

How to save passwords on Safari iPhone

How to save passwords on iPhone

Once iCloud on iPhone is successfully set up, save passwords to Safari it's child's play! First of all, connect to the website whose password you intend to keep, enter your credentials in the appropriate fields and press the button to log in. Safari, at this point, should automatically "understand" what you are doing and propose to save the access key you just entered, inside the iCloud Keychain: to do this, simply touch the button Save password.

Subsequently, you can access and manage the saved passwords by going to the menu Settings> Passwords and Accounts> App and Website Passwords (on iOS 14 and following the menu to reach is in Settings> Password) and, when requested, authenticating through Face IDtouch ID or security code. Still from the same section, you can indicate whether or not to activate the automatic filling of the fields, acting on the appropriate lever.

App to save passwords on iPhone

How to save passwords on iPhone

If you use passwords saved on iPhone even on non-Apple devices, it might be a good idea to turn to an app that can store the access keys used most often, as well as website credentials, on a "disconnected" cloud space ”From iCloud, so you can access it at any time and from any device.

This type of software is called password manager and allows you to view, use and possibly modify all the passwords stored therein, after entering a "general" password, called master password. These apps, appropriately configured, also allow you to automatically fill in the access forms for the stored sites, after entering the master password or authentication by fingerprint and / or facial recognition.

Below I will illustrate what, in my opinion, are two of the best solutions of this type: 1Password KeePass, both available not only as apps for iOS / iPadOS and Android, but also in the form of programs for Windows, macOS and Linux, as well as extensions for the most used browsers.


How to save passwords on iPhone

1Password, as already mentioned above, is a cloud manager available not only for iPhone and iPad, but also for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS and as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. It not only allows you to keep the passwords of websites and apps, but also to store other sensitive information, such as identity documents, banking data and so on, synchronizing everything on a secure cloud space.

1Password, however, is not a free service: to take advantage of it, you need to sign up for a subscription with prices starting from $ 2,99 / month (with annual payment), however it is possible to test the goodness of the service by taking advantage of a free trial period lasting 30 days.

To use it, first download 1Password from the App Store, then start the app and press the button Subscribe to start the registration procedure; then, indicate yours email address in the appropriate field, click on the button Continue and enter the code of confirmation received in the specified mailbox, and then touch the button again Continue.

Once this is done, point to yours name last name, do tap su Continue and, at this point, specify the master password to use to access your passwords: take care to choose a password that is secure and difficult to guess. If you need some advice, you can take a look at the tutorial I have dedicated to this topic.

How to save passwords on iPhone

Once you have chosen the master password, touch the button again Continue, enter it again in the proposed field and finally log in to 1Password by tapping the button Log in: if you wish, follow the instructions shown on the screen to activate the automatic filling of the forms with the saved passwords and, when you are finished, tap the button end located at the top right. From this moment on, you can start filling the "safe" with all your access keys: tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead located at the top right, select the category of information you want to enter (eg. Password) and carefully fill in the proposed screen to add them to your secure database.

Once entered, 1Password may ask you whether or not to activate access via Face ID or Touch ID, which would replace the entry of the master password: if you agree, activate the lever corresponding to the item Unlock using Face ID / Touch ID and play the voice Let's start! to confirm everything. Have you seen? It wasn't that hard!


How to save passwords on iPhone

If 1Password has not been able to satisfy your needs or, again, if you do not intend to spend a single euro, you can give an opportunity to KeePass, a very famous free and open source service that can be used on both mobile and desktop.

At the time of writing, there is no official app that allows you to access KeePass on iOS / iPadOS, but you can do this through the use of third-party apps that are based on the service in question, such as KeePass Touch. This app is totally free, it allows you to generate secure passwords through an ad hoc tool and synchronize the information contained in the cloud (but this feature requires an in-app purchase of € 1,09, which is also necessary to remove the advertising banners).

After installing and starting KeePass Touch on your “iPhone by”, press the button capacitor positive (+) lead (in basso a destra) and selects the voice Import to import a database containing saved passwords or press the button Create New Database to create one right now. If you have opted for the latter option, fill in the text fields Your name, Password e Confirm Password to indicate, respectively, the name to be assigned to the database, and the master password with which to protect it; then tap on the item end (in alto to destra).

In the new screen opened, presses on name that you assigned to the database, provide the Password access to the latter in the appropriate field and press on the item end (top right) to access it. Now, select the type of data you want to keep in the archive (eg. Home Banking, Internet, etc.) and, in the opened screen, press the button capacitor positive (+) lead (bottom right), select the wording Voice and fill out the proposed form with the various information you want to save (User, Password, Expiration date, etc.). To save the data, then, tap on the item end (in alto to destra).

For further information on how 1Password and KeePass work also on a computer, I invite you to refer to my tutorial dedicated to programs to save passwords, which I created especially for you. If, on the other hand, neither of the two apps has managed to meet your expectations, you could look for an alternative that is more suitable for your case by consulting my specific in-depth study on apps to manage passwords.

Come salvare WiFi password su iPhone

How to save passwords on iPhone

On time, you end up forgetting the passwords of the Wi-Fi connections you use most often, so would you like a method to quickly save them? Then I have great news for you: the ICloud Keychain it is able to automatically save the access keys of all the wireless networks to which it is connected through the Apple devices on which it is activated.

So, to save WiFi passwords on iPhone, all you have to do is activate the iCloud Keychain as I explained above, connect to the network of your interest by entering the relative password, with the usual procedure, and the iPhone will do the rest: the key entered will be available to all devices configured with the same Apple ID.

How to save Facebook password on iPhone

How to save passwords on iPhone

You need to save the password of Facebook on the iPhone because, very often, you have a hard time remembering it? Don't worry, I have a couple of solutions that might just be for you.

First of all, you must know that, once you log in to the Facebook app for iPhone, it will remain stored until you manually log out of the app itself: therefore, to save the password within the app, you don't have to than to start the latter and fill in the fields with the access information, and then click on the button Log in.

If, on the other hand, you intend to save the Facebook password on the phone (making it, therefore, also available in the browser and in the other apps that use Facebook authentication), the procedure is slightly different: first of all, log out of the account configured in the app by pressing the button and then selecting the option Logout twice. Next, tap your profile picture to log in again, enter the Password in the appropriate field and presses the button Log in: if everything went well, you should see a screen asking you whether or not to save the password on the phone, so you can log in to the app by simply touching your photo. When this happens, press the button OK to confirm the willingness to proceed.

If you wish, you can also save your Facebook password in the ICloud Keychain: all you have to do is access the social network from the Safari browser, connecting to this page, and respond affirmatively to the request to save the password, as I explained to you in the chapter dedicated to Safari.

How to save app passwords on iPhone

How to save passwords on iPhone

Saving app passwords on the iPhone is not a complicated operation, especially since, generally, apps that require you to enter credentials offer a specific option to “remember” them within the device. So, when you log in to a new app, look carefully at the proposed screen and look for entries Remember me, Save Password, Remember me or similar: to ensure that the access key is saved and does not have to be inserted, put the check mark (or, alternatively, enable the levers) in correspondence with the aforementioned items. Additionally, some iPhone apps are natively compatible with the ICloud Keychain: in this case, you simply have to confirm the will to save the password, answering affirmatively to the appropriate window proposed during access.

However, it may happen that the apps you usually use do not support cloud synchronization: this means that, by downloading the same app on another device (even another iPhone, for example), you may have to re-enter the d 'key. access. To work around this problem, I recommend that you also save app passwords in a password management system, which could be 1Password KeePass: I explained how to do it in one of the previous sections of this guide.

How to save passwords on iPhone

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