How to change post office password

How to change the password of Poste cittàne

How to change post office password

If you use the Web version of the Poste cittàne portal, i.e. the one accessible via browser, then you can change the access key to the service by following the instructions in this chapter.

First of all, then connected to the Internet site of Poste cittàne, click on the item Personal Area located at the top right and indicates, in the form displayed on the screen, the username and Password used for so far to log in to the service. If necessary, proceed with two-factor authentication by following the on-screen instructions.

Next, click on yours name and surname (top right), choose the item Profile from the menu that is proposed to you and, on the following page, first click on the button Manage profile and then on the shaped button pencil, corresponding to the field Password.

Finally, type the Current Password and new password in the text boxes provided for the purpose and, when you are done, press the button Save, to confirm the change made.

Keep in mind that the new password must respect very specific parameters: its length must be between 8 and 16 characters, must contain at least one capital letter, a tiny, an number it's a special character (allowed characters are * `˜! @ # $% ^ & () _ - + = {} [] |:;" '<>,.? /). Furthermore, the access key must not contain more than two consecutive identical characters (a password including the sequence 11, but not the sequence 111 **).

Forgot Password

How to change post office password

If, on the other hand, you really no longer remember your access key to the site, after connecting to the home page of Poste cittàne and selecting the item My Area, click on the link Forgot your username or password? and, subsequently, indicates that you want to recover your password, placing the check mark next to the appropriate item.

Pray click on your button Proceed, insertion il tuo fiscal Code in the appropriate text field and click on the box I'm not a robot, to pass the security check. After this step too, click on the button Proceed, in order to receive, after a few seconds, a new access key via SMS. Personally, I recommend that you change the latter the next time you log in, following the instructions I gave you just now.

How to change city post app password

How to change post office password

Wait, you are telling me that, instead of the website, you use the app BancoPosta, for Android or iOS and would you like to change your personal password through it? In this case, things work in a slightly different way: the application, in fact, does not allow you to change your personal information, however you can complete the procedure using the browser "integrated" in it. I'll explain immediately how to do it.

To get started, launch the app BancoPosta and, once in its home screen, tap on the link Forgot your credentials?, to automatically open the browser to the right page. If, on the other hand, you usually log in using your fingerprint, you can access the aforementioned screen by first tapping the button Cancel and, later, on the rumors You have forgotten your PosteID codeIs not you?.

Once on the next screen, tap on the icon in the shape of little man placed at the top and indicates, when requested, the username and Password that you usually use to access the service. Once the screen for your personal profile has loaded, tap on the symbol located in the box that contains yours name and surname, tocca il pulsating Manage profile and then tap the item Modification located at the field Password.

Finally, type the Current Password and new password (following the robustness rules I told you a little while ago) in the appropriate fields and, finally, touch the button Save.

Forgot Password

How to change post office password

If, on the other hand, I had forgotten the Password, to access the app, you can reset it by following a simple identification procedure via SMS.

After starting BancoPosta, therefore, tap on the link Forgot your credentials? on the home screen (by pressing the button first if necessary Cancel and then the voices Have you forgotten your Poste ID code? e Is not you?) and, in the new browser screen, put the check mark next to the item Recover your password, so as to specify the intention to trace the access key again.

Then, tap the button Proceed, insertion il tuo usernamefiscal Code in the appropriate fields, put the check mark next to the item I'm not a robot and touch the button Continue, to receive a new access password via SMS. For safety, I recommend that you change it immediately after the new login, using the steps seen above.

Forgotten PosteID code

How to change post office password

How do you say? You remember your profile password but you have forgotten the code instead PosteID, that is, the alphanumeric sequence that you had previously set to enable and make in-app payments? Don't worry, you can restore that too, safely. However, keep in mind that, in this case, you will be able to use the BancoPosta app again only by creating a new PosteID code, using your credit card and BancoPosta reader.

To do this, launch the City post office, tap on the item Forgot Postcode ID? (by pressing the button first Cancel, if you had previously enabled biometric authentication) and, when requested, log in with the username and password associated with your Poste cittàne account.

Subsequently, aware that the operation will disable all the apps of Poste cittàne, tap the button Continue and, when richiesto, insertion il security code received via SMS. Finally, tap the button NEXT, to restore the PosteID code.

To re-enable the app, tap the button Close, log in to the BancoPosta profile using your profile credentials, then tap the button Startselect il product, for which to enable the app (current account or credit card) and choose whether to proceed using the account device code or the BancoPosta reader.

Having made your choice, follow the instructions given to you to create a new PosteID code: in the first case, you must indicate the 4 digits received via SMS when opening the account, together with the 4 temporary digits that you will receive at the moment; in the second case, however, you must use the BancoPosta reader and your credit card to generate the authentication signature.

How to change the password for SPID Poste cittàne

How to change post office password

If you use the SPID system of Poste cittàne, you will certainly know that, in the current state of things, the digital identity has been associated with the PosteID profile. Therefore, if you have already carried out the unification wizard, you can reset the data using the same steps previously seen (in the BancoPosta app, in case of forgotten password, you must take care to select the card PosteID).

If, for some reason, the credentials of the PosteID profile associated with the SPID have been suspended, you must instead carry out the reactivation procedure: to proceed, connected to this web page, indicate your username and authentication tool and enter, in the appropriate field, the security code pictured on the screen.

Next, hit the button Continue and, after verifying your identity, follow the on-screen instructions to activate your account again.

In case of dubbi or problem

How to change post office password

How do you say? Although you have carefully followed the steps indicated throughout this tutorial, you have not yet been able to change password City post office? Then you can remedy the problem by contacting the postal service operators directly.

If you prefer, you can recover your password by contacting the call center of Poste cittàne, to the toll-free number 803.160: the service is free and has been active since Monday to Saturday, from PM08:00  PM20:00. Keep in mind that, during the phone call, you will need to provide the employee with the personal informations requests and yours fiscal Code.

Once the authentication phase has been completed, an SMS containing the new password will be sent to the telephone number indicated during registration for the service, which you can change at the next access.

If, even in this way, you should not be able to solve your problem, some unexpected events may have occurred with the insertion of personal data (for example, you may not have completed the verification of the telephone number): for cases like this, I suggest you go to the nearest post office, equipped with a identity card valid and yours fiscal Code, and to expose your problem to a office worker, who will certainly be able to show you the solution to follow.

How to change post office password

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